Ionic Creator and Odoo

If you like Ionic and you like Odoo ...

If you want to develop your own mobile app connecting to your Odoo backend, you still can use the power of Odoo xml-rpc and you should look to the power of Ionic Creator.

For using the Odoo xml-rpc api within Ionic, we developed a small javascript object which you can use for doing the work. It uses jquery and jquery xmlrpc.

You can download the files from GitHub. You can use it freely. If you have any improvements, please share and let us know.

You need to add the .js files into "Other JS" in your Ionic Creator project. To get it work, write a service which you can use in all your page controllers. We have put an example also in the GiHub repository (example_service.txt).

The starting point is "var odoo_api = new OdooApi(<your odoo url>, <your database name>);", Replace "<your odoo url>" with the domain your odoo instance is accessible on and tell the object which database to use.

To work without problems between Ionic Creator and Odoo, your Odoo server needs to accept SSL requests, otherwise your browser will block those requests due to security restrictions.

We hope this will give you a boost into mobile development with Odoo. The code is developed and tested on Odoo v9, but should work on later versions also.

If you have any questions and/or remarks about our Ionic/Odoo integration, please feel free to contact us!

Best regards,